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Senior Business Manager chez Amazon

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International Ohio Cluster program

Stage(s) en France

Stage – 3 mois - Mesure de satisfaction client - Clinique Aguilera - Biarritz (64)

Stage – 6 mois - Marketing vente communication - Groupe ESC Pau - Pau (64)

Stage – 6 mois - Mise en place du mix marketing vente en ligne - Carrefour - Evry (91)

Vie associative

  • 64 Subway (association de communication) : créateur et trésorier
  • @lternative (association de communication) : Président
  • Pau'Pup (association d’entraide informatique) : Président

Senior Business Manager

  • Amazon
  • Singapour
  • 2017 à ce jour


Responsible for setting business strategy and negotiating new, direct partnerships with distributors, improving business terms and developing the marketing and promotion strategy for key partners and driving the top and bottom line of the business while working closely with other functional teams to drive operational improvements.

  • Helps identify, sign and on-board new partners.
  • Manages day to day business relationship, and proactively and autonomously negotiates costs, promotional opportunities, and other business inputs.
  • Conducts pricing and ROI analysis and makes recommendations for initiatives that optimize profit margin.
  • Acts as the P&L owner possessing a thorough understanding of internal and external variables that impact the business.
  • Uses data to identify trends, opportunities and risks and translate those insights into actions to drive long-term growth.

Regional director

  • F. Interactive
  • Singapour
  • 2014 à 2016


Directing a team of 25 staff and successfully managed the launch of a new e-commerce business model in Singapore from scratch and expanded operations to Australia and UAE.

  • Handling all operations for the Group. Responsible for the P&Ls and reporting directly to the founders.
  • Created and standardized all processes for all departments for scability.
  • Studies regional women shoes distribution and trends to source more than 1K ASIN.
  • Implemented an international supply chain by setting up a logistic hub in Guangzhou (China) and standard operations processes.
  • Created a packaging to generate the WoW effet and full specifications and flows of the website to improve customer experience.

Country manager

  • Asia Deal Group
  • Singapour
  • 2014 à 2016


Responsible for all aspects of Operations for all entities of the Groupe and managing 40 staff across South East Asia (7.98 million budget in 2013)

  • Shifted the model from Group Buying platform to e-commerce platform and increased the selection from 60 daily deals to more than 1K deals.
  • Implemented a delivery service with key partners and a warehouse in Singapore to improve retail category performance.
  • Created multiple reports and analysis to improve the day-to-day business operations and identified the patterns of success that are scalable at a national and regional level.

Vendor Manager

  • Amazon
  • Paris, France
  • 2010 à 2012


  • Build up the relationship with the key players to open access to the retail selection. Launched desktop and Tablet categories from scratch.
  • Increase the volume of computer hardware category to 50K units and the revenue to 22 million EUR
  • Set up structural T&Cs to offer cmpetitive price. Implemented quarterly promotion plans to support brand national marketing plan.
  • Implemented GMS program and worked upstream with merchandisers for the launch of quarterly new items and promotions.